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Uig is an excellent area for hiking, cycling, fishing, surfing, and climbing. The local area also boasts many beautiful beaches, including those of Valtos Peninsula, Mangersta and Mealista.  Water sports such as surfing and kite surfing are available nearby for those looking for adventure. 


We also have four sit-on top kayaks for hire, two doubles and two singles.  Prices are £30 a day for double kayaks, and £20 per day for single kayaks.  We provide buoyancy aids and paddles, but not wetsuits.  Please advise when booking if you would like to reserve kayaks during your stay.


The famous Lewis Chessmen, 12th century Viking chess pieces, were found at nearby Ardroil Beach. And the Callanish Stones are within a 20 minute drive of the bunkhouse.



Uig is an area of unspoiled, natural beauty.  The local area is a popular destination for walkers, cyclists, surfers, and nature and wildlife enthusiasts.  As well as the abundant nature to be found, the bunkhouse is in a perfect position for stargazing, and winter storm watching.  You may even be lucky enough to witness the awe-inspiring Aurora Borealis, otherwise known as the Northern Lights. 





The clear blue Atlantic waters provide a great feeding ground for marine mammals: otters, seals - both grey and common - various dolphins, porpoise, minke whales, killer whales, pilot whales, basking sharks and even the elusive sunfish. Amongst the local bird life there are sea eagles, golden eagles, gannets, fulmars, terns, divers, guillemots, razorbills, shearwaters and eider duck.   


Wildlife trips and also trips to outlying islands, as well as St Kilda and the Flannans can be discovered on various boat trips with Seaktrek from nearby Miavag pier.

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